Community Guidelines

We take the safety and integrity of our community very seriously and have the ability to remove users and/or listings that are suspicious and/or violate community rules, guidelines.

  1. There is no obligation to buy produce seen on My Hedge Veg. This is an online marketplace for each side of the market to see what is on offer. There are no contractual obligations or requirements to buy anything at any point.
  2. If a buyer does not want to buy a product for any reason they are entitled to walk away.
  3. My Hedge Veg is not responsible for any products found on this site and cannot be held accountable for damaged or unhealthy goods. The purchase is 100% in the hands of the buyer.
  4. There is often no reason for either party – producer and buyer – to meet at any point during a transaction. Please be honest and responsible if shopping at an unattended stall. Similarly enjoy any face to face encounter with a producer. Be kind and courteous to each other.
  5. My Hedge Veg is a third-party marketplace and by using it, you must also comply with any and all local laws, regulations, safety measures and/or any notification by a stall owner that are applicable.
  6. Any behaviour which endangers the reputation of My Hedge Veg and the community of Hedge Veg will result in instant removal from the site.